Hey, you’ve probably often heard me say how much I love systems, automation and delegation, especially for all my marketing.

Well, I still use Podio for some things, but I’m diggin’ FreedomSoft because it makes it so easy to send Realtors emails about listed properties … offer emails, that is. 

Here are my 2 kinds of Soft Pass offers:

  • If it’s a property that needs work, I’ll ask if their client is negotiable.
  • If it’s a nicer home in my target zip code, I ask if their client would consider a lease purchase.

Pro Tip: I make sure to include that I’m an agent with Keller Williams (which I am). Basically, I play the Realtor card. I’ve noticed that including that I’m a licensed agent seems to soften my email a bit, in a good way. It makes my introduction more appealing. (There are LOTS of agents who don’t like or want to work with wholesalers.)

You’d be surprised how often I do get responses to those emails from Realtors… it’s basically a foot in the door… a conversation/negotiation starter. And that’s what you want.

But remember, you know I love automation and delegation… so now, I actually have my VA send these emails. 

Work gets done for me, in spite of me. :-/

Imagine if you had a few VAs sending 100–200 soft pass offers a day in 4–5 different markets! All through FreedomSoft or Podio.

And these aren’t the $10/hour VAs… these are the $2-$3/hour VAs who can fire off these emails with just a couple mouse clicks, after watching a quick training video you’ve made for them.

Look… here’s the big takeaway action step: 

Build systems and make offers. Period.

Once a system is in place… once your VAs know what to do… the next step is to scale up. Your ability to make offers grows exponentially. Which means the numbers of deals you do grows exponentially.

So get to it.

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