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Simple Land Flips

Learn how to get dozens of $300-500 checks, every single month, on auto pilot… by only working a few hours per week… and leveraging one of the oldest asset classes in our history (hint: land)


Simple Lease Options

Discover Why Lease Options Work So Well In This Crazy and Competitive Market
…and how you can do more deals and get Cash Now, Cash Flow, and Cash Later!

  • How to make more deals.
  • Get Cash Now!
  • Obtain a monthly cash flow


Automated Wholesaling

Learn how to create a fully automated wholesaling business, where you can flip houses or land, from anywhere in the world, with only a laptop and a phone.

  • Talking to sellers or buyers
  • Doing any direct mail
  • Negotiating deals…
  • Not being tied up to an office somewhere.
  • And So Much More…!

$997  $497

Easy Outsourcing 101

Finally A Simple Step By Step Training For Closing Your First Wholesale Deal!

  • Everything You Need To Do Your First Wholesaling Deal
  • Marketing pieces, seller scripts, offer calculators, contracts, etc…
  • All the videos from each module
  • Not being tied up to an office somewhere.
  • Other Guru’s Charge $1,000’s For This
  • And So Much More…!


MLS Hacks

Inside You Will Discover Everything You Need To Be Successful Using The MLS Hacks System Including:

  • How to find the right markets to be in…
  • How to search for the right properties and the
    best websites to go to …
  • How to calculate and create the right offers –
    whether you’re doing wholesaling or lease options …
  • And So Much More…!


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