Okay, today’s email is short, sweet and super helpful

So, I’ve been getting a ton of work done. 🙂 Yay, me.


By making my to-do list shorter.

See, a to-do list doesn’t need to catalog every bit of minutia that pops into your head. Mine had like 100 miles of stuff on it… it was becoming a diary for me — anything that was on my mind, I'd put it on my to-do list. 

No good. Because when you get overwhelmed with a huge to-do list, you get paralyzed. For me, I wasn’t getting anything done because I didn’t even know where to start. Then all I’d do is put out little fires and do unimportant stuff — I was being reactive. 

We need to be proactive.

Then I did something super smart and simple…

I took my huge to-do list and only wrote down the 3 things that I absolutely needed to do. Just the most important task(s) I needed to complete.

Soooo much less stress!

That day, I got 1.5 of those 3 things done… but I felt good because I had accomplished good work.

It felt like a productive day. I really got a lot done. I know because I wasn’t even complaining to my wife about work like I’d often do over dinner. :-/

I suggest that you look for the 1 important task that has to get done. If you’re feeling ambitious, maybe go up to 3. Max. I’m telling you, you won’t feel this overwhelming pressure that often plagues us. 

Think of it as a productivity hack.

And, if your 1 task feels huge and you don’t know how you’ll get it done. Break it down into baby steps. Execute that 1st step, then tackle the next one. All of a sudden, you realize you’re rolling along and making progress…

That forward momentum is great and will keep you going.

Look, if you want to make a minimum wage salary — do minimum wage work. If you want to make a $500 an hour salary — do $500 an hour activities. 

That's how you're going to break through and make a lot of money in this business and be productive.

Now, go make your short list. You got this.

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