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Isn’t it interesting that we use our cell phones for so many things these days—except for calling and actually talking to people? 

I realized this recently when I was trying to make contact with a couple of people, but I didn’t have their email addresses to reach out to them.

Then it hit me (made me feel like a dork, actually)—I had their phone numbers (duh!), so I could just call them to get the info I needed from them. Genius, I tell you!

This is true of us as investors—we hide behind texts and emails and voicemails. 

I get it, it’s fast and convenient to shoot off a text or email…

But we’re missing a BIG part of business-building when we fail to use the phone to talk to people.

Listen, don’t be afraid to talk.

Be accessible and be personal. That’s how you build genuine rapport. That’s how you do deals. That’s how you make money. Lots of money. 

So yeah… just pick up the phone and make a call. And, answer the dang phone—on the first ring—and talk.

Talking to sellers gets the deals done. 

Use your phone for its intended purpose!

I’m telling you, success is more than just a good ad—it has to be backed up by a real live person.

The phone is not a cactus.

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