I’ve got a short one today—but a profound one.

Sometimes, we don’t need lots of words and back story and details and numbers to relay important information.

And sometimes, we don’t need to hear that info from grown-ups with experience.

Yes, sometimes, a child can impart sound wisdom…

See, I was chatting with my young daughter about business. And she’s learned a bunch over the years listening to me record my podcasts or answer student questions…

I asked her: What is the #1 rule of business?

Her correct response: The #1 rule of business is—do the right thing.

When you do the right thing, everything will work out. It’s that simple. She was exactly right.

I then asked what the next 2 rules are…

Her correct response: Rule #2: Make money. Rule #3: Don’t cheat.

Again, simple—but those rules will have a tremendous impact on your business and life.

I think it’s perfectly smart to listen to our little ones… and this conversation I had with my daughter was a great reminder of that, as well as the simplicity of our business.

Keep things simple, folks. 

And follow these simple yet powerful rules:

Rule #1: Do the right thing.

Rule #2: Make money. 

Rule #3: Don’t cheat.

That’s it.

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