Lease options.

You know I love ‘em. It’s my favorite investing strategy. 🙂

So, I got an email from someone who seemed concerned about the fact that I teach about lease options a lot. 

His fear is that—due to my courses and webinars and podcasts—there’ll be so many investors out there doing lease options that it’ll flood the market and there won’t be enough business to go around.

He’s worried about competition.

If you, too, are concerned about competition, there’s no need to be. 


  1. Because there’s plenty of real estate for everyone.
  2. There really aren’t a ton of investors in any given market.

In my local market of St. Louis, for example, there’s about 5 investors who focus on lease options and about 30 full-time wholesalers.

And, in St. Louis, there are way more sellers who can do lease options than can do wholesale deals. 

What that means is: there are fewer lease option investors for the many lease option sellers. That’s a good place to be!

And—rather than think of fellow investors as competition, think of them as partners.


Maybe you have a deal to sell, but no buyer… go hit up other wholesalers. Or, you have a buyer with specific criteria… go find a wholesaler who has properties like that to sell.

So no… me sharing what I know about lease options is NOT diluting the market (any market) of deals.

See, here’s something I’ve learned over my years in this business—the only people who complain about competition are the ones who aren’t doing deals.

And to that I say: this all comes down to taking action:

  • market
  • make offers
  • follow up

That’s it. Get to it.

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