Know what today is?

Today is the last day for you to make excuses.

No more.



Not. A. Single. One.

Listen—anyone can be a successful investor. You included.

Look, it doesn’t matter where you live and it doesn’t matter if you don’t have any mula

If you want to start doing deals in the U.S.—in your backyard or remotely—you have no more excuses. Period.

Those days are over.

Sorry, not sorry… for laying some truth on ya.

Ask yourself honestly:


I’ve said it a bazillion times…

Wholesaling (and investing in general) is actually pretty simple.

No, really…

Learn the process, put systems in place and then scale your business.

That’s it.


Don’t want to waste money on a course or seminar you’re unsure about?

I can appreciate that.

So, you can learn from the insane amount of solid real estate investing podcasts that are out there—including mine: The Real Estate Investing Mastery podcast

  • The REI In Your Car podcast
  • The House Flipping HQ podcast
  • The Epic Real Estate podcast
  • The Bigger Pockets podcast
  • And soooo many more, that's just scratching the surface really.

Look, there’s a wealth (pun intended) of FREE REI knowledge out there – so get it and then take action. NOW.

Stop making excuses.

See, the one part to this investing equation is learning as much as you can—the second part is implementing… that’s how you make money.

Check this out… I love this…

I remember interviewing a coaching client on one of my podcast episodes, and his newbie story is perfect for my point today…

He studied some, read books and blogs, listened to podcasts… and then he went out there and did it.


And he’s already crushing it! After just a short time since starting…

  1. He’s averaging 5 deals a month(!)
  2. at around $7k(!) each.
  3. He’s found success by making a crapton of offers on the MLS.
  4. But it all started because he had no excuses – he just did it.

Folks, I AM your wake-up call. You have no more excuses.

Get off your tush and make this happen. You got this. And I’ve got your back.

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