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Stop and think.

Who exactly is your customer? 

It’s not the sellers… not your title company… not your private investors. 

Your customer is your buyer. 

They’re the ones you are striving to please. They’re the ones with the money.

You should always and constantly be building your buyers list. 

Always be marketing for buyers.

Lots of investors aren’t doing this and don’t have a good buyer’s list. They don’t maintain it. That spells trouble, folks.

Check this out—a friend of mine who’s a successful wholesaler in Phoenix gets tons of deals from other investors


Because they don’t have a great buyers list, so they panic because they have a deal they need to sell and time is running out.

Don’t let that be YOU.

Once you have a solid and well-maintained buyer’s list, you’re golden…

It’s soooo much easier to shop for what your buyers want (ask them!) than to try to sell them what you have, which may not be at all what they’re interested in.

And when you know what they want, you can send highly targeted marketing, saving you time and money and effort. Imagine that.

Know this too: every buyer will eventually run out of money; move to a new market; decide they don’t want your deals anymore for whatever reason…

That’s why you have to pay attention to your list and continue to grow it. Besides, it’s good to have fresh new buyers.

Hear me now: You win the real estate investing game by having the best buyers.

ALWAYS be marketing for buyers.

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