Is your marketing money non-existent? That well is dried up (or never had anything in it to begin with)?

Well… I have a fantastic tip if you don’t have any money for marketing!

I bet you haven’t thought of this…

Instead of asking how you get money for marketing, start asking who has money for marketing.

What does that mean?

It means—go out there and find the active cash buyers in your area. Maybe they’re buy-&-hold investors… maybe they’re doing other strategies. But they have money. LOTS of it. 🙂

And maybe they’re getting frustrated with the lack of deal flow but they don’t want to hassle with the marketing and mailers and pre-screening leads…

This is where you come in and solve their problem: 

“Hey Cash Buyer, I would like to give you more deals. How’s about I do your marketing and for every deal that comes in, you get the first right of refusal. So, you invest $1,000 in postcards. And I’ll manage that and send them to your preferred lists and your target zip codes. I’ll take all the calls live and keep track in Podio or Excel, which you’ll have access to, so everything is transparent. I’ll get the leads under contract for you. You pay me $2,000 for every closed deal. And, we can do this on a 2- to 3-month trial basis.”

And, if they don’t want a deal you bring them, you can just wholesale it to someone else.

Great idea, right?!

So, no money for marketing? Hook up with a local cash buyer investor (not wholesaler) and present this business arrangement. 

Remember, keep things simple: They fund the marketing… you take care of the marketing campaigns, leads, talking with sellers, following up, and closing. 

Be the cash buyer’s marketing machine.

And just like that, there’s your cash flow for marketing. BOOM!

Try it and see—no excuses.

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