Time is money, right?

And your time is valuable, right?

Well, because both of those are true, I’m not going to take up too much of your time in today’s email.

But I do want to remind you how important it is for you to take control of your time by focusing on what matters most. 

Prioritize how to use your time by figuring out what the most important things are that you need to be doing — and then put that in your calendar. Block and schedule those to actually take action on the important tasks.

I’m talking about whatever is going to move the needle the most in your REI business. It could be things like:

  • building your team/talking to your team/encouraging your team (this can be a quick 30 mins once a week)
  • tracking your team's progress, numbers/managing that process  (this can also be a quick 30 mins once a week)
  • making sure the marketing's going out, tracking the results of the marketing (again, 30 minutes once a week)
  • talking to sellers (takes more time, but = bigger return)
  • making offers (also takes more time, but = biggest return)

And, what you choose is different for every investor, so choose what makes sense for you and your business.

The bottom line is: set aside and control your time. 

And remember that one of the worst ways to lose control of your time is your stupid little phone with email and social media and all the alerts and notifications. You think, “I’m just gonna take 2 minutes for a quick peek.” Then 2 hours later, you’ve been down the rabbit hole of time-sucking.

Control your time and control your priorities. 

I can say that of ALL the tasks that need to get done — making offers is where you get your biggest ROI.

You need to be making at least 3 offers every day. 

Make offers to MLS deals… call Realtors and property managers… send direct mail with offers… send texts… do some cold calling. 

And, know that every different type of marketing you do has a metric that you can attach to it: If I do x, I should get y. Figure out what that is for the marketing that you're doing, and then focus on that. 

Let's just say it takes 20 offers to do 1 deal, and you want to do 2 deals a month. So, you’ve got to make 40 offers a month. That’s about 3 offers a day. That's not that hard. It really isn't. 

So, step away from the computer. Put your cell away. Stop trying to answer all your emails. Stop following all your friends on Facebook. Stop watching all those YouTube videos. 

Start focusing on making offers. Make 3 offers a day… and with some consistency, you're going to be doing A LOT more than just 2 deals a month. 

Take control of your time.

Stop reading this. Go make offers!

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