Oh boy, I have an amazing story about one of my students that just blows me away!

I have to share it—

So, he’s a young college student attending school full time, working part-time. He’s getting a degree in finance and he’ll probably make $50k a year when he graduates… working 50+ hour work weeks in a cubicle. :-/


It stresses me out just thinking about it!

But, here’s the awesome…

He got the real estate investing bug.

Problem is, he has no money, right? Ya know, college kid living on ramen and all.

He couldn’t afford to buy a REI course, so he watched YouTube videos to learn how to wholesale…

And now he’s marketing on Craigslist in his little college town. Just simple ads like: “We buy houses fast.”

He places the ads 3 times a week—and he’s getting calls. A LOT of calls!

He didn’t even have a contract… but check out what he did: He went over to Office Depot and bought one of those pre-printed

$3-form contracts.

And then…

He fipped his first investing deal for about $16k.

And get this, this all happened before he became my student.

With the profits from that first deal, he’s going to reinvest it into marketing and working with me as his coach.

This guys is amazing! He’s going to crush it…

He’s got spunk and hustle.

So, don’t tell me YOU can’t do it…

Don’t tell me it’s too hard…

Don’t tell me you don’t have the money…

Don’t tell me you need more education or don’t know how to write a contract…

This business is simply about marketing and making offers.


This kid did not use his lack of knowledge, lack of experience or lack of money as an excuse. (BTW—even though he’ll do investing full time, he does plan to finish college so he doesn’t disappoint his parents. Good kid, right?!)


What’s your excuse?

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