So, you've probably heard me say that we’re not in the real estate business, we’re in the marketing business.

It’s SO true!

And I heard about another guy with a similar idea… and he’s got a terrific saying:

Everything is marketing and marketing is everything.


So what does that mean?

Well, if you want to do a lot of deals in this business, you’ve got to do a lot of marketing.

Simple as that.

If you’re not doing any marketing, you’re not doing deals.

If you’re not marketing enough… do more marketing. (Duh.)

If you’re only devoting a couple of hours and a couple hundred bucks to marketing… just stop. Get out of this business. It’s not a hobby.

You have to take marketing seriously.

That’s the main point that I drive home with my students and coaching clients every chance I get.

And keep in mind that making offers and following up is part of the marketing process…

Send an offer to Every. Single. Seller.

Check this out…

One of my students was telling me about a deal—the seller said he wouldn't go below $75k. My student sent an offer anyway for $35k. Then, 7 long months later, the seller called back accepting the offer. BOOM!

Marketing is the name of the game.


Everything is marketing and marketing is everything.

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