Many have asked me how the “numbers work” & what kind of marketing I do to make the fantastic money I do. Well, I finally put together a spreadsheet and did a little video explaining it.

I think you will like it!

Now… This is important… I have to make a BIG disclaimer up front and center. These results are not typical. Why? Because most people are typical. Not everyone who starts investing in real estate is going to see these kinds of numbers. Your success is entirely dependent on you and maybe even some factors outside of your control. I tell everyone that you have to treat real estate investing like a business, not a hobby. This is a sales and marketing business, period. If you suck at sales and marketing, if you aren't willing to work hard, if you aren't quick to implement what you learn, if you aren't good with sellers on the phone, if you aren't quick to follow up with sellers and buyers, if you are targeting too small of a market, if you are are targeting too large of a market, if your state has laws that says real estate investors can't make any profit in their deals, etc, etc, and a hundred other reasons – you won't succeed in this business!

I have to say all of that to cover my own buttocks… if you know what I mean. In fact, I am half way reluctant to share this spreadsheet and video with you. No offense. I just don't want anyone to think that you can easily spend $5,000/month in marketing and then just as easily make $1,000,000 in your first year.

My intent with this stuff is to show you what may be possible in this exciting business of wholesaling.

So are you ready, finally?

Download this spreadsheet first…

<<<Marketing Numbers>>>

And then enjoy this video!

(By the way, to make the video bigger and maybe easier to see, click on the “Full Screen Mode” button on the lower right corner of the actual video itself.)

2 thoughts on “Marketing Examples – The Numbers”

  1. Gary Hammond

    Joe this was very insightful, I’ve seen a lot of video’s and webinars, listened to more guru’s then you could imagine and no where has anyone that I’ve seen or heard has provided a spreadsheet such as this and with a information video PRICELESS!!! Also, thank you for not selling anything at the end.

    1. Joe McCall

      Thanks, Gary! I appreciate that! – Joe


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