I want to share something with you that I find to be really interesting and powerful.

It’s a little something written by my friend Brian Gibbons—something really profound for real estate investors, in my opinion.

Brian is a great guy and a friend of mine for years now. Awesome real estate teacher, awesome investor, awesome guy. I really admire him. I’ve even had him on my podcast. 🙂

This is one of the things where you think, ‘Dang, that’s good. I wish I would have written that.’  I’ve even used Brian’s words in a webinar I did and when I speak at conferences or REI events… it’s that good.

So here, read Brian’s credo for real estate investors, and then I’ll share my thoughts about these compelling words after.


The Real Estate Investor’s Creed:

Of all of the occupations I have tried, researched, pondered, and read about over the years, there is none which compares to mine. My work is fun. I take ugly houses and make them beautiful. I help people out of difficult situations.

I am a Real Estate Investor. I am my own boss. I often work in my pajamas from the comfort of my home. I have no employees to babysit, no perishable inventory to move, no franchise fees to pay, and no store to maintain. Still, I am in the top 5% of all income earners.

I am a Real Estate Investor. I now enjoy the freedoms I’ve never had before. I am the master of my day. I choose who to work with. I choose my hours, and I decide if I will work 20 hours or 40 hours this week. I can also choose to take the day off, without obtaining anyone’s permission. I can take a month-long vacation. I can sleep in, or take a power nap after lunch if I want. I can review my notes and return my calls while lounging in my jacuzzi. I no longer have to commute during rush hour.

I have the freedom to spend lots of time with my wife and children. I do not have the stress and pressure of needing to close my next deal by the end of the week, by the end of this month, or even by the end of this year.

I live in one of the nicest neighborhoods, in one of the most beautiful states, in the best country that has ever existed on this Earth.

I am a Real Estate Investor. There are many who ‘want’ to be like me; many who are ‘studying’ to be like me; and many more who would be like me, but are just waiting for ‘this opportunity to appear’ or ‘that circumstance to change’… At the end of the day, very few actually are like me.

I have been very fortunate and blessed. I am finally living my dream. I love doing what I do, and I would not trade places with anyone, nor trade my life experiences for anyone else’s.

I am driven by the belief that life is short, and we need to ‘make a difference’ in the short time that we’re here, because after all is said and done, it’s really not about ‘us.’

I am a Real Estate Investor.



Amazing, right?

Gosh, I love this.

Now I want to ask you:

Are you a real estate investor or a wannabe?

The time is now… get off your duff and make it happen.

I love this business, I love the freedom, the lifestyle—I’ve been able to travel with my family all over the world and share incredible experiences with them… that I NEVER could have done with a J.O.B.

And this is not very far from you, either… if you’re reading this, it’s within reach for you too.

Don’t quit.

Don’t give up.

I encourage you to read that creed every morning when you get up. Use it as your personal affirmation.

When you are up against challenges… when the going gets rough… whatever you do, don’t quit. Focus instead on the prize—on why you’re doing this.

Your breakthrough might be right on the other side of your next deal.

And for gosh sake, please make sure you’re creating a business that serves your life like Brian’s creed above… rather than your life serving your business.

Think about what Brian says—and make it your own.

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