Of course, you've heard this popular saying before: Knowledge is power.

As far as I’m concerned, that’s only partly true… 

The truth is, only in the implementation of knowledge is there any power. 

Look, you can learn and study and learn and study some more, but if you never put into action what you’ve learned… there is no power.

You could have all the knowledge in the world, but failure to act on it means you fail. You’ll never get anywhere.

I can remember the feeling of safety and security in the college environment, and how scary the real world looked out there… 

It’s so easy to stay in that place and keep on studying and taking classes and maybe going to grad school and beyond… all because you’re scared to take action and apply the knowledge you’ve gained.

Same thing with real estate investing… 

It’s so easy to get comfortable buying one more course or attending one more weekend workshop. 

But what good will it do if you don’t take action?

Look, among my coaching clients, the most successful are the ones who take a little knowledge and jump out there and do what they’ve learned.

Keep it simple: It’s about marketing and making offers. 

Just 1 step at a time.

Sure it’s scary, but you can fail forward and learn from mistakes. Get a mentor or coach to guide you along the way. 

You’ve got to get out there and do it…. real-world experiences. 

You don’t need another course or webinar or seminar. You know enough. Act on it.

Knowledge + implementation = power.

Are you an action-taker

If not, now is a great time to begin.

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