So, I’ve said it many times:

Marketing is everything and everything is marketing.

Investing is not the real estate business, it’s the marketing business. We’re marketers, folks. Or, you should be if you want to be successful.

Marketing is the key in REI…

Think you’re not such a great marketer? 

No problem… look at other companies or people who are doing what you want to do and model your marketing after theirs. Use their methods and techniques as your template.

Have a look at their website. Google yellow letters and postcards. Look at investor ads and where they’re placing them. Check out what their landing pages look like. Keep an eye out for bandit signs.

Think about this easy idea: Make simple YouTube videos. Yeah, that’s marketing too.

Think you can’t create all those things?

Again, no problem… hire a designer or web developer for a few bucks an hour from Done and done.

My point is, this business is about marketing. Present your marketing message clearly and simply. Like this:

“We buy houses as-is for cash. XXX-XXXX”

That’s it. 

And the beauty of this is—it works.

Someone should be able to read your marketing message and easily understand what you do and how to reach you. The end. 

Focus on marketing and keep it simple! Just like this email. 🙂


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