So, I was talking with a coaching student of mine about different investing strategies. He was asking about my fav strategy—lease options—but was kinda concerned that they might be too complicated.

As I began explaining it to him, I suddenly realized why he thought that…

I was overloading him with info. 

I forgot my own advice!

Keep it simple.

Wayyyy too often, I see people overcomplicating REI, and quite frankly, freaking out. They get bogged down in courses and webinars and seminars and the “what ifs”… and don’t take action.

I’m guilty of that too.

When I first started out, I was a course junkie.

Here’s the vicious cycle I entered: I bought a course, then studied it. Then I’d buy another course and study some more… and you can see where this goes. Problem was, I wasn’t taking action. All the courses slowed my progress down. 🙁

Plus, I was inundating myself with too much information, which became confusing. Super confusing and scary, too.

Confusion and fear delay action.

See, I was so worried about everything I didn’t know, and what I was supposed to do at steps 7 and 8 and 9, that I wasn’t even starting step 1!

REI really is a 1-step-at-a-time business.

Do step 1, and then focus only on step 2.

Use simple checklists and simple contracts… 1 step and 1 deal at a time. That’s it. Only think about the step you’re on.

Check out this craziness…

I once did a training session—and it was terrible! No really, I sucked… I shared way too much and overcomplicated things. I actually had to redo the session in a more simplified way. For real. 

Folks, this business really can be simple!

I can’t believe I was forgetting my own rule: Keep it simple.

So, as I remind myself about this, I’m reminding you… 

Take massive action—1 simple step at a time. And before you know it, you’ll have done a deal. Then another and another and another…

You got this. The next step awaits.

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