Those of you who know me and listen to my podcasts regularly have heard me say this repeatedly:

“Your success in real estate investing is directly proportional to the number of offers you make.”

And guess what? I’m saying it again! 🙂

The reason I keep repeating it is that it’s crucial to your business.

So, I ask you:

  • How much marketing are you sending out?
  • How many sellers are you talking to?
  • How many offers are you making?
  • How many leads are you following up with?

See, if you don’t send enough marketing, you don’t get leads… if you do send marketing and get leads, but don’t talk to the sellers, you can’t make offers… if you don’t make offers, you don’t close deals.

BTW—if you don’t follow up with old leads… you’ll be throwing away HALF of your deals. Really.

Let me walk you through some basic steps like I do my coaching students and clients… here’s how to put a marketing plan in place: 

  1. Decide what strategy you want to focus on: buy & hold, lease options, wholesaling, etc…
  2. Decide what area you want to market to—either virtually or in your own backyard
  3. Which zip codes do you want to target?
  4. What lists do you want to mail to in those target zip codes: free-and-clear, absentee owners, nicer For Rent homes on Zillow, etc…

Now, if you want to make $100k in profit a year, you’d need to do 20 deals at $5k each or 10 deals at $10k each. So, if you need 10 deals in a year, you’d need about 40 leads per deal, which means 400 leads a year—33 leads/month, 8 leads/week—to reach your profit goal.

And that is totally doable


Do 3 different types of marketing all at once based on the marketing plan you created from the questions above:

  1. Mail 30 letters every day to specialty lists like divorce, evictions or code violations. (Buy Forever stamps on eBay and save a ton of money on postage. Buy 1,000 at a time for 20%–25% savings.)
  2. Every week, send 500–1,000 postcards to absentee owners or free-and-clear owners in your target zip code.
  3. Email 30 offers every day to older MLS listings.

Then and only then—once you’re marketing is going out consistently—should you look into a CRM like FreedomSoft to manage all your leads.

After that’s set up (and you’re still actively marketing), set up a website (go to to easily get this done).

After your first deal, then you can think about hiring a VA to manage all of that stuff.

But remember—keep the main thing the main thing… 

What’s the main thing? MARKETING.

Do marketing so you can make offers. 

Your goal is to make as many offers as you can every day.

Want my help? You know I love coaching! Hit me up at and let’s see if we can work together.

In the meantime… create your marketing plan and make offers.

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