I get A LOT of calls and emails from beginning investors asking me for the exact scripts I use for my emails, postcards, voice mails, website, etc… I used to be exactly like that, so I understand where they are coming from. I used to ask every investor I knew in my area to give me all their “secrets”, hoping that I would FINALLY figure out how to be successful like them. But I eventually became so frustrated with myself because I was learning all these great concepts, but they weren't making me any money. I finally got so fed up that I decided that if I didn't start taking action NOW, I just had to quit the REI biz and hang it all up. I finally made a decision that I was going to start making money in real estate instead of spending it.

Guess what happened when I stopped worrying about my website content, my LLC name, my business cards, my voicemail script, what was in my postcards, and I started actually marketing and talking to sellers? Holy cow, it was working! The stuff in all those courses that I bought was actually working! I couldn't believe how surprised I was. Just like “magic”, I started doing deals and I started making money! Simply amazing.

(This sounds like a sales pitch, but it isn't – I swear!)

A lot of investors are doing this – “ready, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, aim, ready, ready, ready, aim, aim, aim, aim…..” The successful investors are doing this – “ready, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire, aim, fire…”. They just get out there and try everything. They fail. They succeed. Then they re-evaluate, adjust, make changes, and do it all over again. The content of your postcard and your scripts is not as important as you might think. What is important is getting out there and talking to sellers! Start calling them!

Don't get hung up on the exact words that someone else uses. Sometimes, you just need to come up with something yourself that is “you”. Try different things. See what works, see what doesn't.

This is all I say when I am talking to sellers, “Hi, my name is Joe. I am investor. I see you have a house listed on ABC street. Have you ever considered selling your house on a lease option / rent-to-own?” And start a dialog from there. EASY.

I am not saying this to come down hard on new investors. I AM TRYING TO ENCOURAGE YOU!!!! This business is not hard. Don't buy another course! (Except MichaelC's course, of course!) Just do what you have already learned. Just get out there and do it! YOU WILL BE SURPRISED THAT WHAT WE DO ACTUALLY WORKS!!! This biz is so much fun.


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