“Focus will make you rich.” “Shiny objects will make you go blind.”

I’ve talked on and off about those two sayings on my podcasts and I’ve mentioned them in these emails because, well….

They are SO true!

See, we can easily get distracted by other opportunities (shiny objects) and lose our focus.

Those of us who are entrepreneurs, like myself, often hear about new money-making opportunities… and we begin to calculate just how much money we can make…

But you need to slow your roll.

Focus only on 1 thing at a time.

This way, you’ll have a much better chance of success in your business.

Master that one thing… systematize and automate it, and only then should you move on to something else.

So, when you’re presented with a new opportunity or someone shows you something new… consider this to help you decide whether you should jump on it or not:

Don’t Ask: How much money can I make with this opportunity?

Do Ask: How much is this opportunity going to cost me?

Personally, I ask these questions ALL the time when I see opportunities for my business.

Look, I get it… you’re doing something in your business that’s really working and it might get old to you… and you need a new itch to scratch… and then you start thinking, ‘Oh, I could totally incorporate this cool new thing into my business and have my VA do it and systematize it…’

But you need to stop and evaluate—what will the opportunity cost you in terms of:

  • time
  • money
  • energy
  • resources
  • people

Now, I’m not saying you shouldn’t look into and even do some of the new things that you come across… some opportunities shouldn’t be passed over…

Just always consider what it’ll cost you…

Any time you take you or your team away from doing deals that are working for your business and you’re making money from—means possibly losing profits.

Make sure you ask the right question: How much will this cost me?

Stay focused.

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