Okay, I have a profound question to ask you… and I think it’s really going to have a big impact on your business.

I challenge you to ask yourself this question—

Not: How can I do it?

Ask: Who can do it?

See, this is an important question because so many people get stuck wearing all the hats and doing all the things and drowning in the details.

Stop asking how and start asking who—who can you outsource tasks to?

Think about your CRM… and direct mail… and your website… and Craigslist marketing…

Get all of those tasks off your plate and outsource them.

Truth: There are really only 4 main tasks to focus on…

  1. Marketing
  2. Talking with sellers
  3. Making offers
  4. Following up

If you try to do ALL the things, you’ll become the bottleneck in your own business. I know because it happened to me. :-/

I didn’t market consistently, so my lead pipeline dried up. I didn't like talking to sellers, so I procrastinated. I wasn’t following up regularly…

You get the idea.

Then I got smart.

You should do what I did to avoid that:

  • Hire an assistant to do your marketing.
  • Get a VA on board to speak with sellers.
  • Have the same VA enter all the info into Podio.
  • Partner with local wholesalers who will take your pre-screened leads, meet with the sellers, get the property under contract.
  • Your VA can also follow up and make offers.

Pro Tip: The last tasks you should outsource is the talking to/meeting with sellers and making offers.

BTW—this type of business strategy works really well in cash flowing markets (think landlord buyers).

So, stop asking how and start asking who… 

I’m hoping this will encourage you to take a serious look at your business day.

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