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You might know that I’m an investing coach. I LOVE coaching—I’m super passionate about teaching others the glory of real estate investing. 🙂

But, I definitely couldn’t have gotten where I am today in my investing career if it wasn’t for my own coaches and mentors who taught and guided me—and still do.

I am always learning and growing… you should be too.

See, when I first started learning about investing, I still had a full-time job. So I had to balance that J.O.B. while learning the ropes from a coach.

It took me nearly 3 (long!) years to finally pull the trigger on investing and quit my 9-5…

Why did it take so long?

Well, I was scared. There were so many unknowns…

Fear was holding me back…

I was afraid of making mistakes…

What if I failed? What if I succeeded and got overwhelmed?

See, it’s not just having a coach that is so important—you have to take action on what you’re being taught.

Had I just done what my coaches taught me back then, I could have quit my awful full-time job so much sooner than I actually did…

I could have made even greater progress and faster, had I acted on what I was learning.

Look, I can’t say enough how blessed I am to have several awesome coaches still today…

Bottom line—I would not have the success I have today had it not been for my coaches.

I even know some coaches who take on clients and partner with them on deals, splitting the profits. It’s a great way to learn the industry and make some money with hands-on-training from experts in the business.

Hear me now: If you don’t have a coach—get a quality, experienced coach right now. And take action, right now.

Don’t wait.

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