Bear with me for this email… I’m going to fuss and fume today.

So, a friend of mine, Russell Brunson, who invented Click Funnels software, which I use, wrote a book. (BTW — I use Click Funnels for just about everything I do.) Russell asked successful people to contribute a chapter. And I was honored that he asked me.

The book is about internet marketing, and each chapter is about what we would do if we lost everything — all of our REI business just gone — and we had to start over in an unfamiliar city.

My chapter goes one day at a time (hence the book’s title: 30 Days), and I explain what I’d do if I lost all my cash buyers and podcast listeners and email subscribers and no one bought my courses. If I had to start from scratch, I said I’d start doing deals. Right away. That’s the fastest way to make money.

For the book, I created a mindmap for how to do a deal from beginning to end, and I shared how I could do it all from my smartphone. I also talked about the marketing I’d do, and that I’d offer REI consulting too.

Well, my chapter got a few angry responses from people on my email list. 🙁

One in particular said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Don’t insult us. If you could do all that from a phone, everyone would be going deals, but they’re not because it’s just not that easy.”

Yep, I got a little cranky. I bet that guy ain’t doing any deals. That’s why he’s so cranky.

So, I spelled it out:

  1. I’d call every For Rent ad on Zillow and Craigslist, talking to every landlord and property manager. I’d ask if they have properties to sell or know anyone who wants to buy.
  2. I’d call every FSBO ad on Zillow and Craigslist.
  3. I’d call every Realtor who was listing properties in the active investor/best ZIP code areas. I’d say: “I’m an investor looking for a house to buy, do you have anything for sale? And, sometimes I come across deals I don’t want, can I pass them along to you, are you looking to buy?”
  4. I’d call every wholesaler and investor I could find and tell them I’m an investor and I’d ask for their old dead leads. I’d say, “If anything comes from those dead leads, I’d split the profit 50/50.” Or if I was super desperate, I’d even say, “Just pay me $1,000 per deal that I get from your dead leads.”

Guess what’ll happen if I make enough calls? I’d start doing deals.

It’s a numbers game… if I called 50 landlords or Realtors or FSBOS and followed up with 100 old leads… and kept doing that — I am going to do deals. Sales is a $1 million skill.

Money is made on the phone.

You want a deal?

Get on the phone. Simple as that.

Okay, rant over. I feel a little better, thanks for sticking with me.

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