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Okay, I call them “the 2 dreaded words,” and it seems like I hear them just about every day: “Yeah, but…”

Yeah but… 

              …that doesn’t work in my market.

              …that doesn’t work when the market is hot.

              …that doesn’t work when the market is cold.

              …that doesn’t work when the market is flat.

  …my market is too competitive.

               …marketing is expensive.

               …there aren’t any motivated sellers around.

Sure, the market fluctuates and this business can be more challenging at times than others—REI can be hard, it’s true.

And just when I begin thinking the Yeah Butters are right (this really is a tough business), then I hear yet another success story that restores my faith…

And then I get super frustrated when I hear all those excuses. :-/

See, the thing is, if someone believes this business won’t work in their market or for X, Y, Z reasons… then guess what? They’re right. That negative mindset will do them in and they will fail.

But you know what?

That’s fine! (Harsh but true.) 

There are other investors out there, like yours truly, still raking in the profits. BIG profits. Because despite any excuses… there are plenty of motivated sellers out there who need to sell. 

Foreclosures happen. Divorce happens. Probate happens. Tax-delinquent happens. Life circumstances happen… deals are out there. Maybe you have to be a little more creative or work a little harder… so do that!

Instead of ‘yeah, but’… go with: Don’t quit.

Do the marketing (much of which you can do for FREE and on the very cheap) and make offers. That’s all. Be persistent.

Stop the excuses. Don’t listen to the whiners.

And don’t be one.

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