So, I was meeting with a client recently, and whenever I happen to meet with this particular person, I’m reminded of how important it is to focus on finding buyers first

Yep, this guy has been steadily working his strategy for over 10 years now, and he closes 6 to 10 deals a month. 

Pretty good, wouldn’t you agree?

So, I came into this business doing just the opposite of what he does so well. I was set on finding the deals first. But I’ve since come to realize that that’s backward.

See, the buyers are your customers, and you have to take good care of your customers.

What does that mean? It means answer your phone when they call! It means put out simple ads and when the buyers call you up, talk to ‘em, find out what kind of deals they want and then go find those.

It’s SO much easier to get the buyers first. Because they’re the ones with the money! Sellers don’t have money, right? 

Go to the source—the person who has the money: the buyer.

Instead of trying to sell someone what you have… go shop for what they want.

Beware: Do not broker without a license, it’s illegal. 

Read this: Reverse Wholesaling by Kent Clothier


Focus on the buyers. And focus on what they want. That’s it.

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