So, I’ve been thinking about mistakes that new investors make. A lot of ‘em came to mind. But then I zeroed in on what I think is the #1 mistake newbies make.

It’s nothing complicated… 

In fact, it’s quite simple: failure to take action!

And look, I’m speaking from experience—I was the world’s worst when it came to buying another course and another course and yet another… but never putting into action what the courses taught me to do. 

I kept putting off implementing my new knowledge.

You don’t have to spin your wheels like I did.

Here’s the thing…

Do not wait until you have everything down pat. Until you know it all perfectly… 

If you do that, you’ll never do a deal. Because it will never be perfect! And you’ll always need to be modifying your strategies and practices anyway. 

See, you’re going to make mistakes along the way. And that’s okay! We all do. Give yourself permission to make mistakes—then learn from them.

Fail forward fast.

That’s how you succeed in this business.

Any investor who’s crushin’ it will tell you the best way they learned the business is by making mistakes.

Look, in order to achieve success, you have to actually start! So, the solution is to take massive imperfect action!

Don’t be one of the people who makes the #1 mistake newbie investors make… take action.

Do the marketing. Answer the phone and talk to sellers. Make offers. Follow up.

That’s it.

And do it—today!

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