Okay, I have to calm myself as I write this…

So, I recently got an email that gave me pause for thought. Well, it actually got me all fired up first—and not in a good way. :-/

In this email, someone who was going through one of my courses wrote to complain that a video in the course that was 11-months old was “outdated.” 

Now, perhaps this person had a good point… maybe some of the numbers I used aren’t quite as accurate with almost a year going by or maybe I said “brand new” in the video…

But my next immediate thought was this: Are you frickin’ kidding me?! 

Then, it dawned on me: He wasn’t doing any deals, so he considered the video and info I provided to be outdated to use that as an excuse for why he’s not successful in this business.

I know I’m right because this also happens to be a guy who emails me tons and tons of questions. So many that I stopped answering—because that’s not what he needs.

He needs to take action on what he’s learned.

Of course I want to help people, you know I’m passionate about coaching… but this is different.

And all of this got me thinking about how so many people purchase courses but never close a deal. Those who truly do take action are such a small minority. 

But here’s the thing: Real estate investing concepts and principles are so simple—but you have to take action

I recently wrote an email about the old saying: Knowledge is power. No… it’s the application of knowledge that’s power.

See, in this business, we’ve crossed over to the tech side… CRMs, Podio, Texting, SlyDial, Vumber, websites, call centers…

But REI is a people business. I tout the simplicity of our industry: Send a mail campaign or find leads on Craigslist, answer the phone when leads call, make 5 offers a day. That’s it, folks.


Focus on 1 step at a time.

Stop asking question after question after question. Stop buying courses. Stop getting hung up on small things that don’t really matter… that are only preventing you from taking action.

I have 2 final thoughts to leave you with:

  1. Just because something is old doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. I mean, think of all the amazing books that are 10 and 20 and 50+ years old… so much of the info is relevant today—no matter the topic. We can still glean loads of knowledge.

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