So, you might not know this about me… I’m a news junkie. I have been for years. But more and more, I’m realizing that the news is not feeding my intellect nor my spirit.

In fact, it’s like a big black hole that I fall into. 

See, rarely, if ever, is there any good news. It’s all bad news and negative and depressing. Now, I know, there is a place for legitimate news, we need it to know what’s going on in the world… but this got me thinking that I need to make better choices. 

What do I mean?

Well, if I’m downloading some audio I recorded and it takes a couple of minutes, I’ll head over to a news website and take a look. And, if I’m in the car driving around, I’ll listen to the news or talk radio. Or, when I’m going for a run, I’ll listen to… who am I kidding?! I don’t run. 😉

My point is all of that loud chatter is angry, negative complaining voices. And I’ve realized I have to cut that out. I need to stop listening to (most of) it. I’ve been intentionally staying away. I encourage you to do the same.

Thank goodness, we have so many other options…

When in your car, put on an audiobook. Or listen to a podcast that’s good food for your brain, not junk.

Fill your head with intelligent ideas and teachings. There are some remarkable business podcasts and others about marketing and some about positive thinking. That’s the kind of stuff you want.

Heck, I even listen to a little classical music to calm down sometimes. I just go into Pandora for it—and it’s surprisingly soothing for me. It might be for you too.


Let’s all determine to stop listening to the Negative Nancy and Debbie Downer voices! 

I’m telling you, we’ll all be better off for it. I know I am.

Turn the noise off.

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