This is so cool…

I got a notice that $5k had been wired to my bank account. 🙂

Now, when you’re in the wholesaling business, that’s certainly not unheard of. The interesting thing about this deal was that I knew nothing about any of the details. None. It was all done without my knowledge.

How can that happen?

It happened because:

  1. It’s how I’ve designed my business—to run without me with what I call “automated wholesaling.”
  2. I have all the right systems and the right people in place to carry out all the necessary tasks.

Allow me to share some details about the deal (that I learned later, of course)…

My team had sent a postcard to a condo in Kansas City. The marketing campaign was a high-equity list.

Fun Fact: ⅓ of all properties don’t have a mortgage—they’re free and clear.

So, the seller called in after getting my postcard, and while I tout answering your phone live every time, this one happened to go to voicemail, but my VA called them right back.

She spoke with the seller to gather the needed info and then entered all the details in Podio. She then sent a task out for my local wholesaler partner to get in touch with the seller. After that, my wholesaler partner entered all the info he gained into Podio too. (This way, we’re tracking every single task and detail for each deal.)

After looking at the numbers, the deal looked good—my wholesaler partner offered $105,000, and he and I split the $10k assignment fee.

That’s it.

The point is—having systems in place provides you an automated wholesaling business. 

Create the systems… train people how to use them… outsource and delegate.

Make sure you’re working with a team who takes their tasks seriously in Podio (or whatever CRM you use), so everything gets done the way it should.

And you, too, can have deal after deal of $5k+… with you stepping away and letting your automated business run. Love it.

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