Question for you: What are the tasks in your real estate investing business that you just really don’t like doing? You know, those cringeworthy things you love avoiding on your to-do list?

I bet at least 5 things popped into your head right now.

Am I right?  🙂

Look, I totally get it. There are definitely parts of this business that I hate doing too—and I know, “hate” is maybe a strong word, but if the shoe fits, well…

Here’s what I’ve learned: If you’re spending your valuable time doing things you hate (or even tasks you simply tolerate), then you’re not focusing on what you do best. Period.

Which means you’re less productive and you’re not loving your business.

You have to avoid this trap.


I’m glad you asked.

3 simple things I challenge you to do right now:


Step 1. Grab a pen and paper, and write down everything you do in your business.

And I mean every little thing that someone has to do to get deals done, to make the donuts, and to keep the lights on.

Go on, do it. Give yourself at least 30 focused minutes if you can.

Step 2. Now write 3 columns with these headings: Tolerate, Hate, Love

Then place all your tasks into one of these columns.

And here’s where the magic comes in…

Step 3. Find a way do DELEGATE every task in the Hate and Tolerate columns.

In other words, you’ll be finding another human besides you who can take care of these things for you, with a little training and guidance from you of course.

Does doing your bookkeeping make you want to cry? It goes in the Hate column—and you’re going to hire a bookkeeper! That, my friend, is called delegating!

Does seller marketing feel like nails on a chalkboard to you—like a necessary evil? Put it in the Tolerate bucket, and decide now to hire a VA or local assistant to do it for you. (I’ve shown over and over again how this can actually be done.)


Look, I remember when I discovered the freedom of delegating, even when I felt like I honestly couldn’t really afford it once upon a time. The hard truth is, forcing myself to just power through my avoidance behavior was really holding my business back.

Looking back, it’s painfully clear that I couldn’t afford not to delegate the things I hated or simply tolerated… And focusing on my core strengths and my “unique genius zones” has accelerated my real estate business like few thing ever have.

So take it from me:

When you focus on the things you love doing—your own core strengths and “genius zones”—you’ll be happier, more efficient, effective, productive and fulfilled.

I know I am. And my business is more profitable too.

Tell me… what frustrates you the most about your REI business? Just comment below; I'd love to hear it!

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