So, I get a little fed up when I hear the so-called financial gurus talking about how much a person has to save up for their retirement.

They say people born in the ‘90s need $2.5M-$3M—and people born in the ‘80s need $2M… just so they can live a certain quality of life in their golden years.

Know what I say?

That is SO WRONG!

See, not only do I disagree with those numbers, but I also disagree with how these “gurus” say you should be investing for retirement.

First of all, their idea of investing to prepare for retirement is usually a stock portfolio. :-/

And my reply to that is: How much control do you have over the stock market? Or bonds? Or index funds? Or treasuries?

The answer is, none at all.

I call it a “glorified gambling system.”

I mean, it’s not like you can do anything to increase the value of a stock you buy. You can’t make the stock price go up…

But think about everything you can do to increase the value of a property:

  • Paint the walls
  • Replace the carpet
  • Update the kitchen/bathrooms
  • Put quality tenants in your property
  • Manage your property
  • And on and on…

You have sooo much more control with residential real estate than you do with a stock.

Investing in real estate is totally different and provides a much better plan for saving to retire.

And secondly, if you’re investing in real estate, I believe you can retire without the millions others say you need.


Well, you get lots of great tax benefits when investing in real estate. That’s one way…

And think about when you have a tenant paying your mortgage on an investment property. That provides long-term wealth.

Plus, with real estate, you have leverage: You can borrow against an asset/property to invest in more properties. Which provides you more passive income.

Can you borrow money in that way that to buy a stock? Nope. Do you have control over that stock? Nope.

But you do have control over a property that’s your asset.


Don’t rely on the stock market… or your 401k… or mutual funds…

If you’re into real estate investing—I don’t think you should stress about retirement.

Investing in real estate invests in your future.

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