Man, I am super excited about this…

One of my coaching clients just did his first wholesale deal! He got a check for $2,000.


I’m so proud of him! And I LOVE seeing all the positive comments he’s getting from other students in my private Facebook group. 🙂

I get almost as much joy out of the successes of my coaching clients as I do from my own deals.

Really, it’s true.

I love it when newbies take my advice and run with it. Wow!

They’re showing the world that it can be done… and they’re changing their lives for the better.

What’s awesome is that my student is on a roll… he’s already got 2 more deals under contract.

So awesome!

He took my advice and he TOOK ACTION on what I teach…

Want to know how to do deals?

It’s simple…

Make offers… Every. Single. Day.

No excuses, no complaints… make offers.

Get this, I’d only been working with this student for 3 short weeks… he made offers and he got a deal.

It just works.

This is another important thing I teachwe created a scorecard to help plan his approach…

His scorecard is based on his marketing plan: Working backwards, we figured out how much money he wanted to make per month, and then that determined how much marketing he needed to do every day to meet those targets and goals.

We came to: 5 offers a day.

That comes to about 150 offers per month.

Do you think you’ll get a deal by making 150 offers?

The numbers are certainly in our favor, right?

Of course, right!

If you’re not sure how to make your own scorecard or how many offers to make or if your numbers are making sense or what you should do differently…

Just get a coach or a mentor to help. Don’t do this alone.

So,I ask you…

Are you making offers? Or are you making excuses?

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