Marketing and making offers.

Are you doing that?

If not, well… you should be. Or you won’t succeed in this industry, folks. :-/

I’ve said it a million bajillion times—and speaking from experience—we are NOT in the real estate business, we are in the marketing business.

When you market, you can then make offers.

See, I hear from my coaching clients and students time and time again that this business isn’t working for them.

My response?

This business only works when you do.

I know, that’s a bit harsh and direct…

But if you’re not marketing consistently and not making offers consistently—leave now. That’s why you’re not finding success.

I advise my students and clients: Make 5 offers a dayno matter what.

There can be no excuses…

Don’t overcomplicate it.

This really is super simple.

Scared of spreadsheets and formulas and calculators?

Make an offer at 75% of Zillow and go from there. You’d be surprised at how often you can start there…

Scared of your offer being too low when it gets accepted?

That’s why you have an inspection period and you can renegotiate the price or cancel the contract.

Don’t overthink this…

Just make an offer. Make it at .75 cents on the dollar.

And as for your marketing?

Simply choose a hyper-focused, targeted list (absentee-owners, high-equity owner occupants, etc.) in a particular zip and mail offers. Heck, print a letter from your home printer and mail 25-30 of ‘em a day if you don’t have a marketing budget yet.

And you’ll grow from there…

Once you get into a rhythm of consistent marketing AND making 5 offers a day, in a couple of months you will have a BIG list for follow-up mailings… which means more offers… which means more deals.

5 offers a day.

NO excuses.

Get to it, you’ve got 5 offers to make today.

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