Have you thought about what you’re thankful for recently?

Have you slowed down to see that spring is arriving and the flowers are blooming?

I have.

And you know what? We actually have SO much to be thankful for…

I say let’s knock off the complaining 🙁

Let’s be grateful. 🙂

Appreciate the everyday wonderful things in our lives.

Know what I hear investors complain about a lot?


But today, I’m challenging you to think about it differently… what if your competition became… your partner?

What the what!?

Yep, here’s how…

Through a Mastermind or Meetup group.

I have a great Mastermind group here in St. Louis for local wholesalers. It’s an invite-only group and we meet once a month.

At the meetings, we have 12-20 active wholesalers who are doing deals and some also lend hard money.

We share ideas about what’s working and what’s not… we brainstorm… and here’s the awesome: We wholesale deals to each other. Someone might have a deal but not a buyer and vice versa.

Yep, my ‘competition’ just became my partner.

Right about now you might be thinking, ‘Joe, you’re giving away all your secrets to your competition!’

But this local Mastermind of ours is actually helping everyone who’s involved. We partner with our fellow investors, co-wholesale deals and split the profits.


There’s enough to go around.

Instead, in my group, everyone is willing to help each other out.

Check this out…

One of the local guys in our Mastermind started a Meetup group for investors in California. He flies out to the meetings and discusses how to find and buy rental real estate in the Midwest AND he offers them deals from St. Louis. He’s a turnkey provider.

And here’s the part where everybody wins yet again… He also connects us—our St. Louis Mastermind group—to deals and investors from his Cali connection.

I told you, our Mastermind is a really good group of guys.


Start your own local Mastermind or Meetup group, and start using it like I use mine.

You’re a seasoned investor? Great! Create an exclusive group for active, seasoned investors to share ideas and deals with each other.

Newbie? Also great! Start a group for beginners to learn together and share deals.

Change how you see your competition—they’re actually your partners.

And remember to be grateful and thankful. 🙂

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