So, at a Mastermind, one of the investors was sharing some interesting thoughts. We were talking about how to measure success

He said, it’s not in dollars and cents. He said you measure success by whether you get a hug from the seller.

Man, that hit me. I thought that was pretty profound.

See, the goal of our industry is not to be an unwelcome pest, it’s to be a welcomed guest.

Your job is to help them solve their problem.

If you do this business thinking you’re out there to make the most money possible, you won’t be as successful. Of course the profits are good, but we do what we do because we can solve people’s problems.

Change your mindset: REI is to help people, solve problems and make the world a better place—while enjoying the money you earn at the same time.

When you genuinely believe that, you’ll be so much more successful.

So, this same investor also says that the question he spends the most time on with sellers is: Why do you want to sell you house?

When he understands their “why,” he can better help solve their problem. And, he even considers this—if he can’t buy their house, maybe there’s another way he can help them… like referring them to a Realtor, for example.

Think bigger picture, folks.

Make sure you’re creating a win-win.

Do what you can… to get that hug.

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