Looking To Do Your First (Or Next) Real Estate Deal?

Discover what I believe to be the easiest & fastest way to build a real estate investing business today!

"I believe that land is the 'final frontier' in real estate."

And NOW is your time to start building your REI business and crush 2024!

The M.A.D. Strategy

This is the exact three-step system we use to scale REI businesses all the time. This system has resulted in many 6 & 7-figure businesses by "regular Joe's" like you and me.


You must have a simple, repeatable process for building a list of hot, motivated seller leads... so you never have to worry about where your next deal is coming from.


If you want to keep yourself from having to work 80+ hours every week, you must know how to leverage automation to handle your leads & offers, in spite of you.


Once you've done your first 1-2 deals, you should build a team around you... with virtual assistants, and trusted partners, to help scale your business fast.

Resources To Help You Get Started

Free Land Flipping Document Bundle

Get the two documents we use to average $5-10k in profits per land deal: our simple, 1-page land offer contract, and our sales-winning marketing letter.

Free Lease Options Contract

If you want to learn my favorite way to do house deals, it starts with my simple 1-page lease options contract.

Real Estate Investing Mastery

One of the top-rated real estate investing podcasts in the world, with 11+ Million downloads, and dozens of countries tuning in. I'll release 2-3 podcasts episodes every week.

Who We Help

I like working with "average Joe's" like yourself... hard working people who know they want to get into real estate, but aren't sure how to get started. Maybe you think you don't have enough money or experience. Well, here are just A FEW of the hundreds of testimonials from regular people, just like you, who have followed my systems and gotten their start.

Joe's services has completely changed the way I do business! I learned how to automate my business in an efficient way, so I can also make money while vacationing.

Frailen Ramirez

Joe is a great instructor of how you can create a new life by investing in Real Estate & living your dream. I listened to his podcasts & books whenever I have any questions about what I need to do to be successful in Real Estate.

Gus Warner III

Joe is the real deal. He is a down to earth Real Estate Guru that really cares about people, helping them improve their lives and reach ultimate freedom. His workshop in San Diego was the best workshop I have ever attended.

Leslie Park

Want To Learn My FAVORITE Method For Starting & Building A REAL REI Business In 2024?

 Learn The Exact Step-By-Step Strategy That My Two Teenage Sons And I Use To Make Money Flipping Land Very Part Time...Without Having To Talk To Sellers!

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