You know, it’s amazing how many investors I see who are chasing after bad deals.

I just want to say to them: If it doesn’t make you money, it’s stupid.

Harsh, I know…

But, do you wonder what would drive a person to chase after bad deals?

I think it’s because they’re desperate.

So, the way I see it, it’s a chain reaction… they don’t have enough leads coming in, so they’re not making enough offers, which means there are too few deals being closed on. 🙁

And that causes the investor to become desperate—and buyers and sellers can smell the fear!

I’m telling you, I’ve seen it… the harder you chase, the harder they run. And many times—due to the investor’s desperation—the deals end up being bad.

But here’s the thing…

It all comes down to the basics of marketing—having a ton of leads on hand and constantly making offers.

I advise all my students and clients to make at least 5 offers every single day.

You don’t want to be a desperate investor chasing after deals that aren’t going to make you any money, right?

Think of it this way too…,

If you find yourself working with a sucky buyer or crappy seller… walk away from those bad deals. If you’re marketing correctly, you’ll have plenty of other leads to work with.

Look, consistent marketing and making offers daily will undoubtedly help you avoid becoming desperate, which means you avoid bad deals.

We’re in the marketing business, folks. Consistent marketing is the answer.

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