So, I recently wrote about how critical it is to build your buyers list and cater to their needs.

Meaning, find out what kind of deals they like and go out to find those deals for them. Basically, take their order, if you will.  

After all, he who has the gold makes the rules. And buyers have the gold.

When you have a list of ready cash buyers—who have money to buy deals—that is where the POWER is.

You’ve got to think of it from this perspective:

The customer is NOT the seller, folks. The customer is the buyer—because they have the money.

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase in the retail world: The customer is always right.

I disagree!

I believe that the right customer is always right.

See, I speak from personal experience because in my own business, once I figured out that we needed the buyers first, we then started focusing almost exclusively on marketing to find buyers.

Once I had a big ole list of buyers (with millions of dollars with them), we emailed my database of agents and property manages and wholesalers once a week asking about their deals in specific zip codes and price ranges…

And then—BOOM!—bunches of wholesalers started bringing us deals like crazy because they didn’t have buyers.


Because they didn’t understand the importance of having a solid buyers list.

We didn’t have to do any more seller marketing. Isn’t that amazing?!

Let’s put some numbers to this idea…

You’ve got 100 wholesalers and 20% of them bring you 20 leads per month. And 20% of those leads are good and turn into a deal. You make an average of $5,000 per deal.

You’ve just made $75,000 without doing ANY seller marketing.

You’re leveraging other people’s time and money and effort—and of course paying those wholesalers a small fee/commission for the leads they bring to you.

Find buyers first…

You’ll feel so much more confident about doing deals when you have a fat list of cash buyers in your pocket.

Remember: Whoever has the most buyers…wins.

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