Okay, I’m super excited to share the TTP Method with you! 

Do you know about it?

Well, it’s the perfect strategy for those of you who are low on funds.

This is something that I talk about all the time, actually. My friend, mentor, and fellow investor, Claude Diamond, also emphasizes this method. 

And check this out, an investor named Brent Daniels has made over $1M in assignment fees with this method. For real. 

Get this—his main source of leads and deals is not from direct mail. It’s from… the phone. Yep. He does ALL his deals over the phone.

So, want to know what TTP stands for? 

This’ll blow your mind…


Here it is…

TTP: Talk To People


And, this is a real thing because the TTP Method works!

The problem is that so many investors are afraid to talk to sellers (and buyers and other investors and property managers and Realtors).

But the more people you talk to, the more deals you’re gonna do. Simple as that.

That’s why I politely yet aggressively say you should ALWAYS answer the phone. While I love automation and have created systems… nothing beats talking to sellers.

When you’re growing your business, the very last thing you should outsource is talking to sellers. That’s where you make your money.

Don’t treat your phone like a cactus.

Pick up the dang phone! Talk!

The TTP Method is calling.

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