Are you mailing to absentee owners—like every other investor is doing?

Well friends, it’s time to branch out. I started mailing to other lists—hard to get lists—and it made a HUGE difference in my business. 🙂

I actually get asked about this from time to time on my private Facebook group page…

People want to know what other lists to mail to and how they find them.

Personally, my favorite hard-to-find list to mail to is owner-occupants with high equity.

I get a great response from this mailing.

Other hard-to-find lists to mail to:

  • Evictions
  • Probates
  • Bankruptcies
  • Quitclaim Deeds
  • Tax Delinquent
  • Divorces

So, where to find them?

I use and I search by zip codes.

You could try and too.

Now, it varies by county, but it is possible to find mortgage information on those sites… you’d want to search for something like:

  • “owner/occupants 0-15% loan balances”


  • “properties last purchased 20 years ago”

And, you should try this…

Many Counties have websites where all the court cases are entered. So once a week, have a VA pull the court records of evictions and probate cases.

And I bet you haven’t thought about these lists: garage sales and estate sales

Yep, I’ve mailed to those and it worked. Just have a VA go on Cragislist once a week to search for those or use

And, remember this: Most counties have data online…

You can hire a scraper or data miner from (like I’ve done) to scrape all the tax-delinquent properties from the county website.

Mail to that list. I did it and it was great.

I’ve also done this and it worked SO well…

On the county website, search for all the houses that sold before 1980… some houses will NOT show up, because there is no last market sale date in the county records.

If you can get a list of the properties that have no sale date, it’s a gold mine! We mailed to all the properties that didn’t have a sale date and it was a nice list.

Here’s the thing…

You simply have do what your competition is not doing. I actually just wrote an entire email about doing the opposite of what your competition is doing and you’ll be successful. I even gave a super-helpful list of 10 strategies.

What isn’t your competition doing?

They’re not mailing to these hard-to-find lists… because they’re hard to find. 🙂

The hard-to-get lists are hard to get for a reason—but that’s why you want them.

And now you know what hard-to-get lists to look for and how to find them.

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