Did you know that I host Implementation Workshops?

I really love these because I’m so passionate about helping people get started and succeed in this business.

So, during the workshop, I go over everything these new investors need to get started — it’s all set up for them.

Then, they go back home with leads, VAs, offer letters, usable contracts, Podio and so much more. 

With all of that, these attendees have no reason not to hit the ground running with the head start they’ve just received. But, of course, it’s up to each student to actually take action and begin calling the leads. I sure hope they do.

I’ve noticed, though, that time and time again, many newbies don’t take action. They get stuck in “get ready mode.” They think they need to know every answer and take another course and listen to another podcast and have everything perfectly ready… they get stuck in analysis paralysis and stall out never having done a deal. 🙁


Look, education is important, but continuing on that path doesn’t make you any money.

You’re going to make mistakes. We ALL do. You actually learn best from mistakes: fail forward fast. 

learn from mistakes… and then you can avoid them in the future.See how that works.

Know that you will never know all the answers and never be 100% ready. And that’s okay!

Just take massive action. One step at a time. Don’t freak out about step 7 when you haven’t even done step 1.

Think of it this way: ready, fire, aim. You’ll redirect to the right path as you go. 

Just get out there and do it. Now. Today.

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