Do you know one of the things I really love about real estate investing?

The flexibility it gives me. To set my own ‘hours,’ have my own team, work from just about anywhere I want, spend more time with my kids…

Do you know what I hear most often about what people don’t like about our industry?

It’s overwhelming.

Look, I get it – analysis paralysis – you can get overwhelmed looking at and thinking about everything you have to do to be a successful investor.

So, I’d like to offer you 2 helpful ideas:

  1. Find someone who is successful in this business and imitate them. Do what they do.
  2. Stick to the basics and do one step at a time.

#1 is pretty straightforward, right?

So let me explain #2…

First of all, we are not investors, we are marketers.

We are in the marketing business.

So that means your first step is do some marketing.

And sure, there are a lot of steps in the investing process, but I don’t want you even thinking about steps 7 or 8 until you’ve done step 1.

Ponder this: What are your fastest paths to cash?

The answer is marketing.

You need to create a simple marketing plan – maybe it’s postcards, yellow letters or Craigslist. Just do the 1 or 2 things you need to do – today – to start that marketing.

Don’t worry about a team or a VA or Podio or an LLC… yet.

Step 1 is marketing – and then you’ll go from there.

Follow the 3 Ss: Simple, System, Scale

  1. Start really simple (basic marketing)
  2. Build a system around that simple thing
  3. Then delegate and scale it

That’s the basics of investing. So, be brilliant at the basics. (I even wrote book about this very basic topic!)

Look, I see students and newbies getting stuck in a tough pattern… they take course after course and webinars and seminars…

It’s the “Ready… Aim… Aim… Aim… Aim…” paradox. :-/

You need to remember that marketing is #1 and you’ll do one step at a time. Then push yourself to take action.

Ready, Fire, Aim!

Of course you’ll make mistakes! We all do. Have a mentor or coach to help guide you and know that every mistake is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Fail forward fast!

You can't steer a parked car.

Just focus on step 1…

Right now, today, create a simple marketing plan… pick just 1 or 2 ways to market at first, to get that wheel turning with a simple system… then you’ll scale.

You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Focus on the first bite, then the next bite…

Now chomp down on that first bite: marketing

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