So, you know I love wholesaling lease options. That’s my jam. And, I like to hold workshops about lease options too. 

In a recent workshop, I started off with the basics of how to do lease option deals. 

But then, we spent the rest of the time talking about what really matters. What is the most important thing in your business?

This group of 20-25 people threw out these ideas:

  • Marketing
  • Talking to sellers
  • Making offers
  • Following up

And you know what? That’s pretty on point. Those really are the things to focus on…  the most important things for your business.

So we talked about those for a while, but this is cool… they had a revelation: you just gotta keep it simple.

Focus on the basics. That’s it.

If you haven’t done a deal yet or you’re struggling—it’s because you’re focusing on the wrong things

Let me give you a solid, tangible example…

One lady in the workshop said she was spending an hour and a half to come up with an offer. Just 1 offer took that long. That’s crazy!

Here’s what I do: My VA looks up comps from 3-4 websites and averages them. BOOM. Done. On to the next. 

Use these:

Look, don’t overthink it, folks! Don’t make this complicated.

My friend Tom Krol says: Wholesaling is easy. Wholesalers are complicated.

What’s the fastest way to a deal? 

Marketing… talking to sellers… making 5 offers a day… following up. That’s it. Focus on those and you’ll be good to go.

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