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As most of you know, I’m a systems kinda guy…

And I want to talk about my favorite way to fully automate your business. 

But—there is a downside to being fully dependent on tools and systems

#1. You could get stuck in front of the computer all day. :-/

#2. Sometimes the third-party integrations break down… and it may be a month or more before you discover the problem. (Who knows how many leads fell through the cracks because of that. Eek!)

See, if you expect an easy button—even with the best CRM out there—to do every single thing for you in this business… you’re going to be disappointed. As much as I love automation, there just isn’t one amazing automagical tool to do ALL of it.

So, I’ve got a better way for you… 

The best automation you can get is a virtual assistant (VA).

Yep, you have your VA manage your CRM for you.


Because you have to focus on the $500/hour work… while your VA focuses on the $5/hour tasks.

Pro Tip: Make sure in your CRM that you have an open task for every lead that still needs to be worked in some way—whether it’s an initial offer or a follow up: no lead left behind.

Look, with a solid VA, your goal should be to never be in your CRM.

When your VA does have stuff for you to do, he/she can just send you a quick email and you take it from there.


It’ll save you SO much time!

I’m telling you, you’ll be surprised at:

  1. How much more smoothly your business will run.
  2. How many fewer leads will fall through the cracks. 

With a good VA or even a local assistant, you should be good to go.

Get one today.

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