So, I had this really cool 5-day challenge.

Here’s how it went: The people who registered got a short training video each day… little tips on how to get leads.

The goal was to get 5 leads in 5 days

An awesome bonus is that it became a large accountability group. That’s something I didn’t foresee, but it’s a nice something extra to what’s already a teaching success (if I do say so myself).

Some of the people were doing incredible! I’m telling you, their success and energy pumped me up! I feel like a proud Papa. 🙂 

They’re just doing what I teach, one step at a time. They might not understand it, but they’re doing it. Fail forward fast…

They’re taking massive imperfect action. 

Of course, as it always happens with programs and courses, some of the participants sent me apologies for falling behind. They’re afraid to take action. Always “getting ready,” not doing

My response to them is: “Life happens. Life can be hard.”

Why am I sharing this with you?


I want to tell you to not beat yourself up when you don’t get everything done you’d planned to do in a day. Life can get hard.


Don’t make excuses either. Lean in, do the work. Didn’t get it done today? Ok, get it done tomorrow.

All you gotta do is these 4 things:

  • Marketing
  • Talking to sellers
  • Make offers
  • Follow up

That is how you do deals in the business. No excuses. Breathe, start again tomorrow. You can do this.

And, I’m thinking about doing another  5-day challenge. Make sure you check FB for that.

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