So I got the idea for this post as I was driving to go look at a new potential office location.

Now, you might be thinking, “Hey Joe, you always boast about how you love working remotely and doing virtual deals… what’s up with this office talk?!”

And you’d be right…

I’ve always loved the idea of operating a business from any place in the world with a phone and a laptop. 🙂

But, I also believe that there’s still something to be said for having a physical location where you can network with other investors, hold workshops, Mastermind sessions and other events…

And this is key—having local assistants who work in that office.

See, my good buddy and fellow investor, Todd Toback, encouraged me to get an office and hire an in-house person to work there.

When I did… my productivity skyrocketed!


Because with the help of a local assistant, I was able to get A LOT more done.

So, while I LOVE working from home, there are definitely benefits to an office…

The big one being communication.

My assistant and I communicate SO much better when we’re actually face-to-face. And that means we get so much more done.

So, I like to vary my time between my home office and my other office that’s just a short drive away.

A change of scenery and work environment is good sometimes, you know?

If you still have some hesitation about this idea—try this…

Find a few other investors and share a physical office… think of it as a co-working space with like-minded people…

You not only split the rental costs, but it’s great for networking and bouncing ideas of each other too.

Look, based on my experience—having an office and a local assistant really makes a positive difference in my business.

I encourage you to consider it too.

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