So, you’re an investor. That’s great! 🙂

Are you also a licensed real estate agent?

Well, as far as I’m concerned, you should be.

I know, I’ve talked about this before, but it’s worth mentioning again…

Having your license can greatly enhance your REI deals, and especially, lease option deals.

See, if you want to do deals—and you’ve got buyers… you will make money in this business.

I always say: Find the buyers first!

It’s sooo much easier to find what those buyers want, instead of trying to sell them what you have in inventory. 

Said another way: Shop for what buyers want—don’t try to sell them what you have.

I liken it to taking orders at a restaurant… 

Let’s say you cook a bunch of meals and try to sell them to the patrons in the restaurant. 

Or… you go and take their order and then cook what they want.

Which is better?

Right, enough said…

See, when you know what your buyers are looking for, you can serve it up to their specifications. Deals get done quicker this way.

That’s why I always advise building up your buyer’s list first.

So, back to how being licensed helps with lease options deals

Well, if I advise finding the buyers first, that means as a licensed agent, you can market for tenant-buyers. 

You’d want to look for the diamonds in the rough—someone:

  • with a lot of money to put down
  • who is 6–12 months away from getting a mortgage
  • who can easily afford the house

Then, once you have those tenant-buyers, you’d hop on the MLS, then Craigslist and Zillow to find the ideal house for that person.

See, done and done.

To be clear: You don’t need to be licensed to flip lease options.

But, I strongly encourage you to get your license—it can only benefit your investing business.

It’s just a little time and money, but so worth it.

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