I’m going to be talking about 1 word today. It’s a powerful word.


I know. It’s a hard word to deal with sometimes. Some of you might be cringing. But it’s important.

Lemme just give you a few quick examples…

I’ve had a problem with my car. I’ve taken it to the dealership several times. For the same problem. Just a stupid light keeps going on that shouldn’t. And, I recently had to go again. :/ Yep, I was grouchy and grumpy about it.

But know what I realized? If I went in there guns blazing, you think they’d want to help me? That would be a no. So, I was calm and patient. It wasn’t easy, but it was the right decision.

I know you’ve seen those people who are ripping customer service a new one or yelling at the cashier for some stupid reason. Don’t be that guy/gal.

Here’s another… 

On the way home from the dealership, I got stuck driving behind an old grandma. 25 miles per hour. Yep. That happened. But, I was patient, gave her space, and eventually, she turned down another road. And I relaxed.

Patience is about being a nice guy. Patience is about not complaining. Patience is good.

Barkless, wag more.

So, how does this relate to real estate? 

Well, when you’re sitting with am an elderly seller who’s lived in their house for 50 years and it’s hard for them to leave — you need to be patient with them, you need to show them some kindness. 

And you know what, it’s ok if they don’t sign that contract right then and there.

Be nice. Don’t play those stupid manipulation games with people in those kinds of situations. 

Don’t pressure them to sign or you’ll walk out right that second. Maybe it’s ok to do that with certain sellers, but when you’re dealing with a motivated elderly seller, give them time and give them patience

Actually, not just for elderly sellers… someone who’s going through a divorce or job loss or foreclosure — your #1 job is to solve their problem, that’s it. 

Your #1 job is not to make money from that seller. Personally, I would rather help them and solve their problems than make money.

And sometimes, the best thing you can do to help them is to refer them to a realtor who can list a house on the MLS, so the seller can make more money. Truth.

Besides, you know it’ll come back to you. You reap what you sow. If you’re out there reaping impatience and anger and you only think about yourself — it’s not going to end up well for you. 

Just be patient, take a step back and smile a little bit. Don’t be a jerkwad.

Be nice and be patient when you’re working with sellers — give them time to think. Make an offer and don’t be a jerk. 

If something is better for them that you can’t provide, then tell them about it. Refer them to somebody else and do whatever you can to help them. That’s your #1 job. It’s not to make money, it’s to help others and serve other people

Patience will get you there.

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