Okay, you’ve heard me talk about how I LOVE systems and automation. 🙂

Basically, everything in your business should be a system.

But lots of people panic at the thought of creating these systems. So, I’m sharing a very simple framework to help you create them.

This goes back to a recent email I sent about outsourcing tasks as soon as you can.

Let’s say you want your VA to do your marketing.

Just simplify it…

Marketing —> direct mail —> yellow letters —> rentals on Zillow.

See, broken down and simplified, this is a totally doable system. Not so scary after all.

You’ll want to write down all the steps needed to carry out that marketing strategy… and teach it to your VA. (I like to record myself on video actually walking through the steps and use that as a training tool for my VAs.)

Here’s the key: Focus only on that 1 system until it’s up and running before tackling another one.

So as you can see, it’s simple, you’ve built a system around it, and then you can scale it (in this case, you could have your VA implement that marketing strategy in another market).

Look, once you teach your VA your system, you can put it on autopilot… 

I even go so far as to ask my VAs to create systems on their own too. If I see a new course that I like, I’ll send the training videos to my VAs and ask them to create the steps from it as a new Standard Operating Procedure doc.

And BOOM, new system.

At this point in my investing career, my main assistant actually manages all my VAs, so now even that task is off my plate. This is how I’ve gained the freedom that defines my lifestyle.

Know this…

If you try to scale before you have systems in place—it’s not going to work.

If you try to build systems around something that’s not simple—it’s not going to work.

Simple. System. Scale.

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