Hey there – I have a cool marketing hack for you today. So, I was on a coaching call with a student. And he shared an interesting experience…

He’s been sending text messages to landlords and For Sale By Owners on Craigslist and Zillow. 

Great, just like I teach. Good student!

Here’s the thing…

He says his best deals are coming from the leads who don’t respond at all.

Huh? Head scratcher, right?

So… after he sends a text, even if they don’t respond, he picks up the phone and calls them. Yeah, he follows up by phone with people who don’t respond to the texts… and most of his contracts come from those. 

Awesome, right?

Honest moment: I had never thought of that before! I mean, I always follow up, but in like a week or two or in a month. Not right away.

So, after talking with my student more, we figured out why this is working so well.

  1. Oftentime, people aren’t responding to texts because the phone number listed on Zillow or Craigslist ads isn’t a cell, it’s a landline. It’s probably: 
    1. an older person
    2. not a professional landlord
    3. not a property management company
    4. not an investor
  2. He calls people after 5:00pm — since they’re likely regular folks, that gives them time to get home from work. 

Genius, right?! Love it!

So, pick up your phone and make calls! Call the people who don’t respond to text messages. What’s the worst that can happen? Nothing too bad…

What’s the best that can happen? DEALS. 🙂

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